Responsive Design

Accessible on all devices

FACT: As of May, 2013, 79% of US adults age 18-49 use mobile phones to access the web.

In today's market, websites need to be accessible on any device, including desktop, tablet and mobile. Every new web design project starts with the wireframe process to get a feel of the site before the final design process begins. Once we have the layout, our designers add colors, textures and fonts to bring your site to life. Joomla templates let us integrate features and extensions that match the rest of your site.

We work with several responsive frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation that can save time and money. We believe in semantic code and work daily to keep up with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards. Each of our web design projects go through extensive browser and device testing. Check out our web design portfolio of responsive, mobile-ready Joomla websites to see the type of work we do.